Follow the Leader!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our service.  Chances are that you’re checking us out because someone at a neighboring school recommended us.  Over the years we’ve been fortunate to earn the trust of schools and parent associations nationwide and we truly appreciate their loyalty and referrals.


In 2008 we launched the first school directory app with our MyDirectoryMaker desktop software. Since then we’ve helped 1,000’s of schools get through more back-to-school seasons than anyone else.  We learned early on that automating the entire process (and getting your parents to do most of the work) reduces volunteer efforts, increases membership and keeps your parent association rowing in the same direction all year long.

Proven Design

Every feature in our app is designed to meet the most critical needs of your organization. We also carefully consider what to leave out.  The result is a streamlined, easy to use system with truly useful features without complexity.  

And it's "road tested"! In 2016 alone we help schools collect over $9,000,000 in our store and our service sent over 15 million email with a 99.2% delivery rate.  

Core Values

Treating people right is also fundamental to how we do business. From the beginning, we've stayed true to our core beliefs:  deliver an exceptional product with great service at an affordable price.  We don’t add fees for support or account setup and you'll never be surprised with a bill for additional surcharges at the end of the month. We also won't sell or share your data with others.

If you have any questions about what we offer, or anything seems unclear, please don’t hesitate to ask. 
Thank you again for your interest.  Tracie and Jay Oken

What our Customers Say

"Our school started using for our PTA directory a couple of years ago.  It has been a huge success.

A few highlights:   We've reduced the amount of time our membership chairs spend so significantly we've combined the membership and directory to one position.   Over 92% of our families pay membership through the shopping cart, eliminating the need to collect and process checks and pass a lot of work to the treasurer.  80% of our families confirmed their listing by the first week of school and we have published the online directory 3 months faster than the old printed version.

The MSA team is SO responsive and they have moved quickly to take suggestions and put them into action."

Julie, Dwight Elementary

“MySchoolAnywhere changed my life (well, at least my August every year)!  The HOURS I used to spend receiving, organizing, chasing after people, and creating a hard copy student directory each year that inevitably had mistakes was frustrating to say the least.  Now parents are responsible for their own entries, can make updates interactively, and can have the entire directory at their fingertips.  Thank goodness for this product! ”

Amy, Saint Mary School

"MySchoolAnywhere was exactly what our PTA needed to streamline our membership and directory process.  Using the system reduced our volunteer hours by 80%.  No more manual data entry or cumbersome report creation with Excel spreadsheets.  Jay and Tracey are always there to answer any questions we have."

Hastings Elementary

"Our elementary school has gone “green” and using the online version of MSA has been a huge benefit to us.  It allows parents to access the directory via their home computers and their smart phones to look up student and faculty contact information. It even allows them to search by Class and Grade – which is great for planning birthday parties.  There are systems in place to ensure privacy for families who request it as well.  Overall this is an easy to use and cost effective online system that we plan to use for the third year in a row.”

Jennifer, Maureen M Welch Elementary

"Using MSA last year was wonderful for multiple reasons - as our school has gone 99% green, parents were able to confirm their contact information including email addresses for our communications from the school and the PTA, which we did through MSA - and they were responsible to determining which information would be included in the directory - this was key - putting together a directory each year was heinous, and a few mistakes were always made regarding including/withholding information - human nature - but when generated by computer according to what the parents selected, there were no mistakes.

We also took advantage of the opportunity to sell PTA memberships at the time of information confirmation - this is key because the parents must be members before voting to confirm the PTA budget for the school year at the first general meeting.  Additionally, technical support was always personable and informational.  Thank you for such a valuable application."

Michelle, Laurel School

"When we decided to move our directory and our email contact list over to MySchoolAnywhere 2 years ago, we knew it would be worth it to have all of our contacts consolidated and organized - finally!  We are incredibly pleased with how our directory functions - how easy it is to add contacts, to send emails to all of our parents, faculty and staff, and the graduation feature is very very useful.  We knew we had quite a few families in our directory who no longer had children in our school system.  During the conversion, we were able to cull and streamline unnecessary or expired data from our list and managing our directory is so much more efficient now.  We are so grateful for the customer support that they have provided to us.  Thanks to MySchoolAnywhere, our directory has become a highly efficient tool for our PTO."

Sarah, Essex Town PTO

"We have used MySchoolAnywhere for the past few years. The service was already great to begin with, but Tracie and Jay have worked hard to keep improving on it. They are good at incorporating user suggestions and always reply quickly and helpfully when I have questions or a need.  Thanks for being awesome!"

Sarah,  Flint Hill Elementary

"Our school has been using MySchoolAnywhere for many years and we've always had an amazing relationship with the MySchoolAnywhere team. They've always been available and helpful in their support and suggestions. Because of them our school directory has been an amazingly useful tool for our parents!"

Michele, Hillel Day School

"Our school relies on MySchoolAnywhere to efficiently create and publish our school directory each September.  It is a very intuitive to use and the MySchoolAnywhere team is very responsive."

Linda, John Ward School

"Before MySchoolAnywhere, putting together our school directory was an expensive and time consuming nightmare. I'm so pleased with how this app has simplified the process, getting our directory out sooner in the school year and without zapping volunteer energy in the first months of school!"

Colleen, Kiva Elementary School

"I am a database programmer, so I appreciate the thought put into the product and the skill behind the programming. But I am really impressed with the support and customer service! When I have had a question or an import request the attention my query received was prompt and complete. This level of service is what makes this software really shine."

Tamera,  Wyoming City Schools

"This was my first year as the Admin for our school’s online Directory, and I was so pleased at how easy and intuitive the process was. The staff at MSA was very helpful and their range of online instruction made short work of learning the program.  I would definitely recommend this program to any school considering the transition to an online directory."

Sally, Scanlan Oaks Elementary

"Over 92% of our families pay membership through the shopping cart, eliminating the need to collect and process checks.  80% of our families confirmed their listing by the first week of school and we have published the online student directory 3 months faster."
Julie - Dwight Elementary

"Thanks for the prompt response! Any time I need help, you all do a fantastic job & resolve or answer my questions very quickly...much appreciated. We love MSA! :)."
Sara - Pelham Middle School

"You guys rock!"
Monica - Pine Shadows Elementary

"All of the customer service has been great so far! Quick to respond and helpful!"
Lisa - Sierra Elementary

"Thank you for your continued quick and efficient service! Much appreciated!"
Paule - Scenic Heights