April 15, 2019

Dear Families,

Happy almost vacation! Remember… no school this Friday, Apr. 19. We’re back on Mon. Apr. 29.

Every conversation we have with your children teaches us something new – and we are never ever bored at work! We were in my office today when two 7th graders came for lunch. They had made an “appointment” the day before and were very punctual, standing at my office door at the chosen time.

These students came with a problem they needed solved and were so lovely about asking for help. At first they were worried I would be mad. “No,” I said, “You came here to find a solution – let’s talk.” And they did, in slow and soft voices, hesitant and carefully chosen words. It is at moments like these that we lean in to listen, to make eye contact, to breathe, to wait, to wait some more. So much of our listening is in the silence – silently waiting through tears and sadness, fear, rage, excitement, joy and questions.

If we are patient and listen well, we learn. We learn about how friendships are made and broken, we learn how home life supports and hurts, we learn how teachers teach, how adults are unfair, how teasing disrupts, how questions linger, solutions are found, and happiness is around the corner.

Your students carry so much, and it tumbles out in all sorts of ways. The adults at 75 Morton work hard to respond thoughtfully and to guide students to solve their problems. But we also listen, because sometimes that’s the most important thing.

With Respect,