March 25, 2019

Dear Families,

Your students and our staff have been working hard to prepare for Student Led Conferences (SLC’s) this week. Please double check the time you scheduled for your conference. Remember… Wednesday is a half-day of school, with dismissal at 11:30am and NO OUT-LUNCH!  The time allotted by the DOE for Parent/Teacher Conferences is actually very short. If we used just that time, we would have short and not substantial or meaningful conversations. Every Advisor has made huge efforts to connect with every family to ensure that we get close to 100% attendance at the SLC’s. We consider these opportunities to be important on many levels:

  1. Your student knows you CARE and you recognize the effort s/he is putting into school work;
  2. We get ideas from all of you through questions you ask and comments you share with Advisors. These ideas help us improve our practice;
  3. The SLC’s are part of being in the 75 Morton community – and that bond makes us stronger.

Our final Community Dinner is this Thursday, March 28. We have had 8 dinners, and each one has been terrific! You have all followed the “No school talk” rule so well – congrats! This has allowed us to share stories of family, professions, travels, and childhoods. Some of you have made meaningful connections – which was the whole point of the Community Dinners! They are now an official 75 Morton tradition.

Finally, the NYS ELA test is next week, Tues. & Wed, April 2 & 3. I will send home the same REMINDER you have been receiving since your student was in 3rd grade… .a good night’s sleep, breakfast, calm, and the knowledge that this is just one of many assessment tools… BREATHE!

And have a lovely Spring week.

With respect,