February 11, 2019

Dear Families,

We are heading into the February break. I am sending my middle (27 year old) daughter off to work in her company’s Hong Kong office for six months. It is a huge event in our family, and I am reminded that as parents we never really get to relax….

Milestones in our children’s lives are sometimes predictable and sometimes not. Dealing with all “FIRSTS” in life in any social/emotional, physical and academic area all follow a similar pattern and formula for parents. We recognize the newness of events and the range of emotions. We prepare to listen, to advise, to listen more, to react carefully and to support our children. Behind the scenes we may be more emotional, make outreach to experts or friends and family, worry or brag, cry or rejoice. Milestones are draining and exciting and real.

Your children experience middle school as one long three-year milestone. Expecting students to transition from the elementary school years to getting ready for high school – as hormones rage, school changes completely, independence intensifies, and responsibilities increase – is actually asking a bit too much of any person.

So keep in mind how important the recess week is for your children. They need time to catch up on sleep, some may have work to do, and all of them need time to manage this milestone. I will be helping my daughter pack while trying not to micromanage; I will sneak little gifts and cards into her luggage so she has some surprises when she unpacks so far away; I will work hard to think of all of the positives this milestone represents – while I will be deeply sad and get ready to miss her. Milestones.

With respect,



P.S. I hope to see you all this Wednesday, Feb. 13 in the Cafeteria, at 8:45am, for our PTA meeting. I’ll be answering questions about the high school admissions timeline and process at the end of the session (so 6th grade families can clear out, if they choose;) Coffee and bagels provided!

P.P.S. Don't forget the Snow Ball student dance is this Wednesday evening. You have until end of day TODAY to complete the GOOGLE PERMISSION FORM. If you have not provided consent by then, your student will NOT be allowed entry - no exceptions! And they must bring their school I.D.!