February 5, 2019

Dear Families,

We work a lot around STORY at 75 Morton. We use Advisory to learn your children’s stories and to develop close relationships as best we can. We study history through story, we read and tell and write stories in English, and we connect through story.

Some stories are private, and we respect that need to be private. Trust is so important when we share our stories. However, sometimes we see behaviors in our students that are baffling and do not fit the pattern of a student’s typical behavior. Moods may change, grades may slip, latenesses occur – and we are left with questions.

I hope that you can find a person in our community to trust in case there is a home or family situation that is impacting your child. We do not want to pry but we do need certain information – and the story behind behaviors – to be supportive of your children in school all day. Elaine is our guidance counselor (Elaine@75morton.org); and Katie, our Assistant Principal is a former guidance counselor (Katie@75morton.org). These are two important people to know and to contact. Your child’s Advisor is another important contact. We are here to be partners on the journey of your child through middle school.

With respect,