January 28, 2019

Dear Families,

I just decided to rejoin my apartment building’s book club. Admittedly, I dropped out over a year ago – underwhelmed by the choices of books, and overwhelmed by keeping up with the reading! But I’ve stopped making excuses and ordered the book for the March meeting. One of the biggest school expectations is reading – at school, at home, on weekends, and over vacations. Every study shows the same results: reading makes successful readers. It is a simple formula.

We have many voracious readers at 75 Morton – they were the first to use the library and they race through classroom collections. Let’s try to make more of our students voracious readers!

Here is what you can do:

  1. Read in front of your children. Let them know what you are currently reading plus books or articles that you are ready to read next.
  2. Share favorite parts or passages of books, especially if they relate to your children in any way.
  3. Be VERY curious about their reading lives – ask questions and celebrate each page, chapter, and book read.
  4. You have heard this one since elementary school: have someplace to read – anywhere!
  5. JUST PLEASE READ A BIT WITH YOUR CHILD. Show them you are also a reader.

With Respect,


P.S. PLEASE do not miss the COMMUNITY DINNER for your child’s Advisory group. They are really fun!!! Questions? Contact Parent Coordinator Jill Bennett at jill@75morton.org.