January 14, 2017

Dear Families,

“When in doubt, go to the library.”

- J. K. Rowling

Our 75 Morton Library has been open for a week, and it is already clear that we have eager readers in our community. The library has many (quietly) moving parts. Last spring we interviewed various vendors to find one we felt would create a collection just right for our students. Donna Santman (7th grade English teacher) played a big role in those conversations.

The School Construction Authority designed the library, leaving us a choice of carpet and chair color...hmmm. Not exactly monumental input. The day arrived when FOLLETT (the vendor we chose) arrived with our book collection and began to shelve the books. And we ran out of shelves!!!

While we began to solve that issue, Donna and Jessica Goldberg (7th grade parent of Brody) attended a training to learn how to keep track of books, use the system to check out books, and set up the management of the library. Donna has a full teaching load, so our library is dependent on volunteers who give us – and, more importantly, your children – their time and love. (In fact, Jessica is looking for a few more volunteers for January. You can email her at library@75morton.org!)

The library is already popular with the students – and so I am beginning to say NOOOOOO to District 2 groups that have been using it as a meeting place… there is nothing sadder than a crestfallen student standing at the library door next to a sign that says CLOSED. Our library is a lovely haven and resource and gift!

So thank you Donna for going to the training, obsessing over every detail, finding parents, inspiring readers, and getting this project off the ground! And many thanks to Jessica Goldberg and her team – especially parent An Diels – for swooping in with energy, love, a vision and more volunteers!

With Respect,



P.S. Our first Community Dinner on Jan 10 was wonderful! Please join us for these Thursday night potlucks. Remember, we are grouping the dinners by Advisories – you will receive an email invite for yours. This is an opportunity to make a new friend and to help build our community. Plus lots of really good food!

P.P.S. I hope to see you all at our January PTA meeting, this Wednesday, Jan. 16 at 8:45am in, yup… the LIBRARY! We’ll have a Special Election for a new Member-at-Large and a brief presentation by our amazing 6th grade math teacher, Ramsey Merritt. Plus coffee & bagels!