Coming up in the next two weeks:

  • Today, October 31st: Halloween Parade (9:15 am)
  • November 1st & 2nd: Candy Buy Back (8:40 to 9:00 am)
  • November 2nd: Reflections Art Contest Deadline
  • November 5th: 1st Grade CogAT Testing
  • November 6th: Sister School Supply Drive Kick-off
  • November 8th: Hearing and Vision Screening
  • November 8th: PTSA Membership Meeting (7 pm, Library)
  • November 12th: No School - Veterans Day Observed
  • November 14th: Positive Parenting Class
  • For more events check out our annual calendar
Today: Halloween Parade

The Halloween parade begins today at 9:15!  We look forward to seeing you along the parade route!


Thursday & Friday: Candy Buy Back 

Trade Candy for Cash in our annual Halloween Candy Buy-Back on November 1st and 2nd, from 8:40 - 9:00 am, outside the main door entrance. Arrive to school early to weigh your candy and earn $1 per pound! Keep your money, or donate a portion towards our Sister School in Uganda. Our event this year is sponsored by Kirkland Children's Dentistry, and the collected candy will be distributed to the local homeless by the MORELove project.

If you can help weigh-in candy please sign up on MySchoolAnywhere. [Signups_Text_Link]


Two days left in the Reflections Art Contest!

Calling all kids who are: Artists, Writers, Dancers, Musicians, Photographers, and Filmmakers. We have only two days left for the Reflections Art Contest as the deadline is November 2nd! If you haven't turned in an art piece, make something this week and turn it in to the office by Friday. Make sure your kids use the theme "Heroes Around Me" to inspire their drawing, painting, photography, literature, dance, music, or film.


Entry forms, packets with instructions, and rules are available in the main office.  We can’t wait for your entries! If you have questions, please e-mail Trace Kuhn. 


November 7th: Sister School Supply Drive Kick-Off

Peter Kirk Student Council is sponsoring the Sister Schools Supply Drive again this year.  Sister Schools teaches compassion, service and social responsibility by partnering students in donor schools with children in need. The supply drive will go from November 7th through 19th. The Student council is collecting new and used items such as Sports equipment, Toys, Books, Clothes and Health Products. Please no food or stuffies! The donated items can be placed in bins around school. Learn More.



November 8th: Hearing and Vision Screening

Every year the District screens students for hearing and vision. This year the screening will take place on Thursday, November 8th, from 9:00am to 2:30pm. We can use your help to screen students here at Peter Kirk!

We need about 18 people to screen the students (don't worry, there is training), 2 runners, and a few people to bring snacks to make this event happen. Please check your schedule and sign up for a time block (or two!). Thank you!



November 8th: PTSA Membership Meeting

We look forward to seeing you next Thursday at 7:00pm in the Peter Kirk Elementary Library for our PTSA Membership Meeting. Our agenda includes a brief PTSA business update followed by a Parent Education topic. This month's topic is an intro to "Birds + Bees + Kids". Think they are too young to have ‘the talk’? Think again. Hear tips from Amy Lang, MA - What to say, when and how to say it, and tons more! We will end the evening with fun social time in downtown Kirkland. All parents are welcome!

Congratulations to our 2018-2019 Student Council

Last Friday was election day at Peter Kirk!  Students spent all last week campaigning for different student council positions. Each student led a positive campaign and shared messages of hope. 

Congratulations to our elected student council members:

President- Amelie M.
Vice President- Piper A.
Secretary- Emerson T.
Treasurer - Cooper B. & Drew R.
Historian- Viv M. & Jesse S.
Playground Monitor- Calvin M.
Spirit Coordinator- Peyton C.


Scholastic Book Fair postponed until next year.

Due to space constraints, the Scholastic Book fair event will not happen this year.  Don’t despair, you can still buy books from the Scholastic order forms your teacher sends home.  If your teacher doesn’t send order forms home and you want to purchase some new books, reach out to Wendy Alston.


School Play Committee Needs You!

Peter Kirk students will present a sure-to-be-hit show of Alice in Wonderland on February 9, 2019. To ensure that the performance goes off without a hitch, we are assembling the School Play Committee now, with our first meeting this month.  Along with the usual committee jobs, we are also looking for a Co-Committee Chair (or two) to work with April Rickard this year and take on the role as the Chair for the 2020 performance. Check out the available committee jobs or find out more about the School Play. [Signups_Text_Link]


Join the Birthday Book Club!
What is the Birthday Book Club? It's Peter Kirk's new birthday tradition! Parents or grandparents can purchase books from grade-level appropriate Amazon Wishlists. Once the books arrive at the school, our lovely librarian installs a special name plate honoring your child's birthday - or for anyone for any occasion you choose! For links and more information, see Birthday Book Club.
November 14th: Positive Discipline Parenting Introductory Class.
Our introductory Positive Discipline Parenting class is coming up on the evening of November 14thPositive Discipline is about “Kind and Firm Parenting".  Read the following article to learn about parenting with Kindness and Firmness, and if you like what you read, sign up for the class
Try a little Kindness and Firmness

Ever feel like you’re doing the “Parenting Dance”? The one where your kids push your buttons until you can’t take it anymore, so you yell and scream and send them off to their rooms. Then you feel bad about the yelling and screaming so the next time that they ask for a cookie before dinner, or they just don’t feel like doing their homework, you give in.  “Sure honey, have a cookie….take two…..and don’t worry about your homework, I’ll write your teacher a note”.  Then you feel resentful, now your children are not eating their dinner and they’re playing video games while you’re feeling guilty about the homework not getting done. So, you yell, scream, send them to their room and the dance continues.

Guess who controls this dance?  Read more here.

WSPTSA Legislative Assembly Concludes - New Platform Announced.

This past weekend delegates from across the state attended the 40th annual WSPTA Legislative Assembly to learn, collaborate, debate, and ultimately vote on our new 2-year platform. Thank you to all the delegates that participated from the LWPTSA Council!

Top five legislative priorities:

  1. Social Emotional Learning
  2. School Construction and Simple Majority for Bonds
  3. Prevent Gun Violence
  4. Strategies to Address the Teacher Shortage
  5. Strategic K-12 Investments to Close Gaps

To see the entire platform please visit the website.

In addition, two new principles in the category "Health and Well-Being of Children and Youth" were approved. Four new resolutions and one amended resolution were approved by the delegates. 

And finally, check out Facebook to see a video of keynote speaker Chris Reykdal's opening remarks and the WSPTA blog for a wrap-up of the business of the weekend. 


Every day the Peter Kirk PTSA website is updated, each week a least one social media post is sent, and for every event, flyers are created– all of this work and so much more is done by the talented April Rickard! Her behind the scenes daily effort touches every event, program, and communication that is sent from the PTSA. Thank you, April, for your dedication to our school, our families, and the PTSA!  You truly are a Rock Star!


Peter Kirk needs your help! Check out the opportunities to get involved and sign up! 


  • Candy Buy Back: Come a bit early to school one day and help weigh candy. We are looking for four parents to help out each day for about 40 minutes.
  • Hearing and Vision Screening: We need about 18 people to screen students (don't worry, there is training), 2 runners, and a few people to bring snacks to make this event happen. Check your schedule and please sign up for a time block (or two!).
  • School Play Committee: Let’s come together now so the play goes without a hitch. We are searching for a Co-Committee Chair (or two) along with other roles (e.g., Sales Coordinators, Program Printing, Flower Sales, etc.). Check out available committee jobs at the sign up link above.


Peter Kirk PTSA Website

If your student has moved on from Peter Kirk to another elementary school, you can easily unsubscribe from communications from the Peter Kirk PTSA by using the SafeUnsubscribe link below. If you know someone that should be receiving our newsletters, please reach out to us!