October 22, 2018

Dear Families,

This Thursday is our Fright Night Halloween Dance. I am amazed by the amount of energy our parents are putting into this event on behalf of our children. We have a large number of volunteers, and I think that speaks so much to the essential energy of our school.

I wanted to say a few words about how we communicate with you, as some of you have asked. First off, we are working hard this year to utilize our Advisory system to keep you both informed and connected. Please remember to reach out to your child’s Advisor with questions. The Advisor is your connection to everything here at school. You can also email info@75morton.org - and Katie or I will respond. We try to reply within 24 hours, and we are mostly successful!

By the end of next week, we expect to introduce our online grading system - JumpRope. We will send home detailed information regarding its use.

We also encourage you to read the weekly PTA e-Newsletter, which is a great way to stay in touch!

As a parent of three grown daughters (27, 26, and 21), I know how it feels to make the transition from the intimacy of elementary school to the more anonymous feeling of middle school, and then to the mysterious place called high school, and finally to college. Although my husband and I knew all of the principals of our daughters’ schools, to the point where they asked that we never try to speak to their college presidents(!), even we sometimes felt at a distance from the communications channels.

I do know that at 75 Morton we are open to ideas and we are determined to keep you close to the staff and how your children are progressing.

Finally - I am so pleased to announce that Katie Altman is now officially our Assistant Principal! I have worked with Katie for seven years, and it is a gift to know that she is in such an important position at 75 Morton. Her expertise as a guidance counselor, plus her amazing understanding about how schools work organizationally, are so important to the growth of our school. I know you join me as I say CONGRATULATIONS to Katie!

With Respect,