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  • Membership Trophy is up for grabs- at AMS and Clark Wilkins!
  • Staff Appreciation Soup Luncheon Sign Ups!
  • Just shy of fundraising goal... but there's time left!
  • Officer Knox Presentation 11/14
  • Committees need help! Plus a NEW Fun Run Committee
Who will win the MEMBERSHIP TROPHY?

A nearly 3 foot tall trophy gets awarded to the class with the highest participation of PTA membership! Whose class will win this year? Currently, Mrs. Vaillancourt's and Mrs. Eccleston's classes are in the lead. Last year, 4th grade teachers came down to the wire in the competition. Mrs. Hujsak's class is leading AGAIN this year! Encourage your friends to join and stay informed! Simply send them this link

Staff Appreciation Soup Luncheon Signups

Spoil our staff at Clark, Wilkins, and AMS with a warm soup luncheon while they work extended hours for conferences. Store bought or homemade soups welcome. Non-food items are on the signup, too. The luncheon date is 11/1. 

Signing up is EASY! [Signups_URL_Link]

SO close to the fundraising goal!

The preliminary numbers are in for the Meadow Farms sale, and there is still time to help the PTA reach the budgeted goal! Sales can be completed online and still benefit the Amherst PTA! The following link supports ALL elementary and middle schools (despite saying "Amherst Middle School):

Please share on your social media accounts and with friends and family to earn the money needed for amazing curriculum enrichment and staff grant opportunities!

November 14th- School Resource Officer Knox & General Meeting

Book your calendars for a night you don't want to miss! Officer Knox is the School Resource Officer for Clark-Wilkins and Amherst Middle School. He has a wealth of knowledge about keeping our kids safe from many types of harm and is a great resource for all parents. He speaks at PTA presentations each year, and the feedback is always "I wish I brought my friend!" - "My husband should have heard this, too!" - "Will he come back again to speak?" We invite parents of ALL aged children to attend as his presentations have proven timely for all. 

  • Wednesday, November 14th
  • Wilkins Library 6-8pm
Committees & NEW- FUN RUN Committee

We're still building up our committees between now and Halloween. Take a look and help out with what interests you! NO experience necessary! New to district, Kindergarten parent, Haven't signed up before but now I have time... EVERYONE is welcome!

Signing up is EASY! "Join a planning group" leads you to all committee choices! [Signups_URL_Link]