October 16, 2018

Dear Families,

First, a quick reminder to attend our PTA meeting tomorrow (Wed) morning at 8:45a in the cafeteria if you are able. We’ll hear from our friends and neighbors, Ewa Asterita and Yakeen Dinmahamad, heads of the District 75 middle school on the 2nd floor. And you’ll have a chance to get your afterschool questions answered by Cynthia De Leon and Theseus Roche. Of course there’s always the coffee and bagels…

Last Thursday was the Middle School Fair. Something wonderful happened that speaks so much about the community at 75 Morton. We have been choosing 7th graders as our Tour Ambassadors. They know the school in their very bones – they breathe and speak Morton because of our close living quarters and experience last year. Our impression has been that they have the inside scoop and can present our school as experts. And they do!

Then we began to recruit families and students to join us for the Middle School Fair. As you know, the whole fair is very large – and it is literally each school and person for themselves! Anyone who comes to represent a school has to be able to answer questions on the fly, be personable and patient, come up with quick answers and sell our school. Who knew that the group of 6th graders who joined us would nail it! What a joy to see them DO THE CROWD, stand with confidence and maturity as they answered questions. They were polite and focused and lovely. The 7th graders who joined us were remarkable role models – and the 6th graders were right in there with them!

How wonderful to watch the 75 Morton students represent our school so beautifully. This says a lot about our students – and community. Thanks also to the parents who led tours and spoke to families at the Middle School Fair! Your energy is perfect!

With Respect,


P.S. It is getting chilly and all students go outside for lunch/recess. Please send them to school with jackets or sweaters so they are comfortable in the fall air. Thanks!