October 9, 2018

Dear Families,

First a quick pitch for helpers this Thursday, Oct. 11 after school for the District 2 Middle School Fair. We’re looking for a few more adults and a lot more students to represent 75 Morton! If you have a car, meet us at our school at 4p (we’ve got reserved parking at Stuyvesant!) If you’re meeting us at the Fair, come to 345 Chambers St. at 4:15p. Bring your kids! And if you can’t go, but your kids would like to, you can drop them with us at 4:45p and pick up at 7:30p. We really want to show prospective families what a thriving, engaged community we are! You can sign up here:


Meanwhile, I have gathered the questions that some of you left on index cards at Curriculum Night. I know many of you got your questions answered when touring with teachers. Here are a few more:

Health Ed

The question is when do we start, which grades will get this instruction, and what is the specific curriculum? We are actually meeting with the head of this program in the next few weeks to answer all of those questions. When we know, a longer and more detailed letter will go out to all of you.

Grades and Homework ONLINE

We are in the final stages of adopting JumpRope as our online grading system. You will be notified with instructions when you can access the JumpRope system. Many of the teachers are using Google Classroom for homework assignments. We will explore how to make this a consistent practice in the coming weeks.

Dates of the Student Led Conferences (aka Parent Teacher Conferences)

The dates are November 27 and 28. Please remember, we do not do conventional Parent Teacher Conferences. You will not have to race through the halls frantically to put your name on a list for 3 minutes of talk with a teacher. You will have 20 minutes with your child and their Advisor. During that Student Led Conference, your child will present work gathered from each teacher and share with you the strengths, challenges and goals of each content area. You will have a chance to ask questions and the time to talk. Any questions the Advisor cannot answer will be communicated to the specific teacher and you will get an answer. It is also possible to make an appointment to meet with the teachers in your child’s Bungalow if you wish. We find that the Student Led Conferences are very thorough and meaningful experiences. Please put the dates on your calendar – last year we had 99% attendance!

Bike Room

We have requested bike racks for our ground floor bike room, and bike racks for the lobby and outside. (Due to poor planning, the other designated bike room is on the lower level, and we have no way to get students down and up with bikes and scooters, etc.) While we wait to hear back from the decision makers about our bike racks… Ty, one of our school aides, rearranges the bikes after arrival to make the room manageable and safe. An important tip: if your child is commuting via bike or scooter, they need to arrive in time to carefully park the bike or FOLD the scooter!

Hope this was helpful!

With Respect,