October 1, 2018

Dear Families,

On Sunday we celebrated the past, present, and future of 75 Morton at our official ribbon cutting. It was inspiring to hear the stories of how our school was born. The persistence, activism, vision, and drive of the community members, families, and elected officials is enough to fill a book! The collaboration between the NYC Department of Education and School Construction Authority is unusual in its success. More than ever I appreciate and honor the work of creating our school.

Thank you, thank you to all of the families that planned the event. There were so many moving parts and, as usual, everything went incredibly smoothly. All of the speakers arrived and spoke from their hearts about the joy of seeing 75 Morton up and running. Everyone watching carried the energy and fun out to the crowd. It was a perfect and wonderful afternoon.

The history of our school teaches us many lessons. As we move forward, we can take what we learn about the hard work of those who built our school and move into the future with that legacy.

Please remember that we have just launched our 75 Morton Fundraising Challenge. The funds we raise are essential to making the dreams of our school come true. Your donations support the curriculum, enrichment, resources, and experiences for our 570 students. I cannot say enough about the importance of this Fundraising Challenge. We want ALL of you on board - at whatever level you can give! Here is a link to donate online:


Please be part of our work moving forward, please be part of of our future!

With Respect,