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Sunrise FFO - Sep 2018 Digest Vol 4, Issue #2

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Hello [First_Name]!

The FFO organizes, operates, and communicates to all families and faculty the many Sunrise, CFSD, and community programs and events. We also generate funding to support the vibrant learning environment and our programs and events.

All FFO Meeting Agendas & Minutes are available for public review in our online archive. 

Mark Your Calendar for Upcoming Events!
  • September 21: FFO Meeting
  • September 24-28: Book Fair
  • September 27: School Picnic and Fini's Landing Dine Out
  • October 6: Garden Cleanup
  • October 18-19: Auditions for Annual Sunrise Drive Talent Show
  • October 26: Spiders and Cider
  • November 16: Annual Sunrise Drive Talent Show

For a full calendar of events, log into MySchoolAnywhere to see the calendar on the home page!

 Spirit of Sunrise

"Donate" icon

​​Thank you Sunrise Drive community for your donations to Spirit of Sunrise! The Spirit of Sunrise is our annual fund-raising campaign to support the Sunrise Drive FFO (Family Faculty Organization), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The FFO uses the funds to provide grants for all student field trips, Science Day, Artists-in-Residence, community garden, 5th Grade Legacy Project, spelling bee, Lego robotics kits, Raz Kids, Reflex Math, playground equipment, Spiders and Cider, grant requests from teachers, library books, and so much more. The entire FFO budget comes from our school’s families’ direct donations, so we need your help.

​​The money you share makes many extra-curricular possibilities available to our students! Please see the Grants At Work section below to see how donations were recently spent.

​​You can make a donation through or your custom link to our MySchoolAnywhere store below. The suggested amount is $50 per student; however, any amount is appreciated and all donations are tax deductible. Thank you! 


– Deborah Ardolino, VP of Development

Grants at Work!

Teachers, staff, family members and students may submit grant proposals to the Grants Chair for review by the FFO Executive Board. Executive-approved proposals are discussed and voted on at General FFO Meetings. Visit or email for info.

Approved Grants

  • Small Dolly for Hauling T-shirts to School Events, $100, General Funds
  • Yoga Foster for Recess Yoga, $199, General Funds

Proposed Grants

  • Field Trip to Tucson Village Farms, $450, Kindergarten
  • Sunrise Steppers Scanning System: EZ Scan with Timing, $180, General Funds
  • Five Senses - Sense of Taste Lesson, $38, Kindergarten

– Margaret Barber, Grants Chair

Book Fair

Picture of unicorn and banner saying "Let your imagination grow! Read."

The “Online Book Fair” is now open! Visit to order. Free shipping and delivery to your student’s classroom. 

When: Monday, September 24 to Thursday, September 28

  • Before school (accompanied by adult)
  • After school
  • During lunch recess
  • During the Family Picnic and Play on September 27th

Where: School Library

Why: Sunrise Drive receives at least 55% in book profits from the sales. 

How: Volunteers make it possible! No experience necessary. Click your custom MySchoolAnywhere Sign Up link below to volunteer:


Can’t make it to the Book Fair? Purchase books at the “Online Book Fair” or share the link with relatives and friends. No shipping and Sunrise still gets book credit!

— Trisha Adcock and Lori Cole

School Picnic

When: Thursday, September 27, 5:30-7:00 P.M.

Who: Sunrise students and their families of all ages

Where: Sunrise Drive Elementary School Playground

Note: Playground supervision is parents’ responsibility. Event ends promptly at 7:00 P.M.

COME PLAY! Join friends, both old and new, to play, enjoy a picnic dinner at school, and shop at the book fair. 

Want an easy button? Go to the Dine Out at Fini's Landing (see below) and 20% of proceeds goes to the Spirit of Sunrise. They'll even pack for a picnic!

 Amy Courson 

Dine Out: Fini's Landing

When: Thursday, September 27

Who: Sunrise families

Where: Fini's Landing, 5689 N Swan Rd.

How: Be sure to mention "Sunrise Drive Elementary" and Fini's Landing will automatically donate 20% of sales to the Spirit of Sunrise from dine-in or take-out orders on September 27th.

Note that there is another school doing a fundraiser the same day, so remember to say "Sunrise Drive Elementary" so the right school gets the proceeds. Thank you!

— Audrey Moeller 

Talent Show Auditions

When: October 18, 1:45-4:30 p.m. and October 19, 3:30-5:30 p.m.

Where: Kiva Stage, Sunrise Drive Elementary

Why: Does your student have a talent they'd love to share with their family and friends? If so, sign up for the Annual Sunrise Drive Talent Show. The Talent Show is Friday, November 16, 6:00-8:00 p.m. (show length based on number of performers). Performances capped to 3 minutes max.

How: Visit your custom MySchoolAnywhere Sign Up link below to sign-up for auditions. If your student auditions, they will be placed in the show. CARE staff has escorted students to auditions in the past. Coordinate with CARE staff for assistance. A microphone, speaker system, and piano provided for auditions and the show. You provide music and props.


— Melina Perez McKenna, Talent Show Chair

Spiders and Cider

Spiders & Cider Logo

Buy tickets here!  

When: Friday, October 26, 5:00-8:00 P.M.

Where: Sunrise Drive Elementary

Why: Bring the whole family for carnival games, face painters, balloon twisters, raffle, maze, cake walk, Photo Booth, and DJ. 

How: Wearing your Halloween costumes! 

New SPONSORSHIP Opportunities for Sunrise Drive Family Businesses

Companies can sponsor our most popular activities. Click here to become a sponsor!

Raffle Prize Donation Requests

Contribute raffle prize donations of toys, electronics, vouchers for activities, gift cards, or anything our school community will enjoy. Click here to donate!

Volunteer Request

Bake for the cake walk, decorate the event, help build the maze and clean up on Saturday. Click your custom MySchoolAnywhere Sign Up link below to volunteer:


—Alli Swanson, Jeannette Hartshorne, Spiders and Cider Chairs

Chinese Immersion

Visit for up-to-date info about: 

  • Sunrise Chinese Spring Festival
  • Teacher & Liaison Contacts
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Chinese Resource Page 

– Anita McGuire, Chinese Immersion

 Garden News

Mrs. Berk's garden worms

Mrs. Berk's worms


Ms. Pennington's butterfly garden

Ms. Pennington's butterfly garden

We’re preparing for the Big Three Garden Activities and need your help! No gardening experience necessary. Click your custom MySchoolAnywhere Sign Up link below to join the interest list. Sign-ups will be posted soon. 

  1. Fall Garden and Campus Cleanup, Saturday, October 6, 7:00-11:00 a.m.

Bring your wheelbarrows, large shovels and work gloves (labeled with last name) to help clear the garden beds and spread new compost. Thank you to Tank’s Green Stuff for donating the dumpster and compost! 

  1. Classroom Garden Parent Volunteers, 1-2 times per month from October to April 

Get your student’s class gardening by communicating directly with your student’s teacher to establish a schedule to work in the garden, then volunteer during that time.  

  1. Garden Club Volunteers, Wednesdays, 11:30 a.m. -1:00 p.m., October 17 and beyond

Garden Club’s student members weed, plant, sort earthworms in the vermiculture bin, scavenger hunt and more! 


Visit for more garden info. See you in the garden!

Emily Franklin, Garden Co-Chair