Ready to Sell Candy!  

November 1, 2017



Just like that, Halloween has come and gone. The parade of costumes is past, candy has been collected, and now it's being gathered to trade in for cash. November has arrived with the beautiful sight of changing leaves and feelings of gratitude in our hearts.

  • Running at lunch recesses continues, with another 27 students finishing the marathon. Congrats each of you! It is truly amazing what focus, determination and persistence can accomplish. Keep encouraging your students to run as they still have two weeks to go!
  • Math challenges are multiplying! Students continue to strengthen their logic and math word problems week after week. If you forgot, don’t worry. The next challenge opens on Friday!
  • Stacks of books are everywhere! The Scholastic Book Fair was a hit with nearly $11,000 worth of books purchased and in the hands of Peter Kirk students. Thank you to the countless volunteers for making this event a success. 
  • Purified water is now in ALL Peter Kirk classrooms! Thanks to our Wellness Committee, classrooms have been outfitted with filters and portables are getting purified water delivered weekly, thanks to the generosity of Purified Water to Go on 85th Street. 

As usual, the first few weeks of November are filled with a number of great events. It makes for a long newsletter (stay with me) but we wouldn't have it any other way! Here are the headlines, but scroll down for the full details. 

  • Attend Digital Safety for Your Child, November 2nd at 6:30pm. This event is targeted for elementary age children and is held at Blackwell Elementary. 
  • Trade Candy for Cash before school at the annual Halloween Candy Buy-Back November 2nd and 3rd.
  • Turn in the Reflections Art Entries by this Friday! The art entries can be submitted at the office and are due Friday, November 3rd.
  • Order your 2017-2018 Peter Kirk Elementary yearbook by November 7th.
  • Attend the PTSA General Membership Connection Meeting November 9th (7:00pm). The parent discussion for this meeting will be around "Letting Your Child Fail". 
  • Plan now for No School on November 10th in honor of Veterans Day.

Don’t close this email before you check out our tech tips on staying informed about all the events within our District! In addition, there are always opportunities to volunteer, so even if you have only an hour to give, we have the perfect spot for you!



Parent Education: Digital Safety for Your Child (November 2nd, 6:30pm) 

You're invited to learn about digital safety for our elementary students at the Lake Washington PTSA Parent Education event at Blackwell Elementary (225 205th Pl. N.E., Sammamish). Join Sheri Gazitt of Teen Wise as she discusses how to create guidelines for your elementary child to safely and responsibly use the internet. This event is free. Open to all. No registration required. Learn More

Annual Candy Buy-Back (November 2nd & 3rd, 8:25am to 8:45am)

Trade Candy for Cash in our annual Halloween Candy Buy-Back on November 2nd and 3rd. Arrive early to school to weigh your candy and earn $1 per pound! In addition, all participants will be entered into a drawing to win a free electric toothbrush! Our event this year is sponsored by Kirkland Children’s Dentistry and Growing Smiles Dentistry, and the collected candy will be donated to Operation: Nightwatch and Soldiers’ Angles. Students will have an opportunity, if they so choose, to donate some or all of their earnings to our Sister School in Uganda!


Reflections Art Entries due Friday, November 3rd

Please turn in your Reflections art entries to the main office by Friday, November 3rd. If you have any questions, contact Trace Kuhn.  

Mathletes the Next Math Challenge Opens Friday, November 3rd. 

Attention Mathletes! Check out the latest Peter Kirk Math Challenge (MC4) starting on Friday, November 3rd, It is due on Thursday, November 9th. All students are invited to participate and it's FREE! Three students, drawn from answer submissions turned in by November 9th, will win a prize. Learn More.



Students Are Running & Finishing (Marathon: October 2nd – November 17th)

Students are busy earning their toe tokens during lunch recess. Another 26 students have completed their 26.2 miles! Congrats to the first grade finishers: Edouard L. and Jacob T. ; the second grade finishers - Jon W., Sam L., Julia A., Deia B., Jackson H., Mitch B., Amelia K., Noah T., Andre W., Eline G.; the third grade finishers - Zacho D., Matthew T., Christopher M., Martin L., Yuna Y., Maxwell L., Caroline F., Naomi B., Chloe H., Vivienne M., Ryke B., Maiya C.; the fourth grade finishers - Nic G., Mateo G., Calvin M., Amelie M., Emerson W., Khaile B., Cooper V., Lyla B., Josh M., Ethan B., Jack B., Bowen P., Zaden L., Brodie H., Hudson R.; and the fifth grade finisher - Ryan H.,  for your persistence, and endurance!

The weather has been gorgeous and we've really appreciated parent support punching lap cards at lunch recess - keep up the volunteering! Combined, Peter Kirk students have run over 3,600 miles in just 12 days of running - that is over 300 miles per day!

We still have plenty of time for your students to reach that marathon milestone. Kudos to you for encouraging your kids to accomplish this awesome feat! Learn More.


Year Book Orders are Due Tuesday, November 7th

Order your Peter Kirk Elementary 2017-2018 yearbook today (Yearbook ID code: 13266018)! There is less than a week remaining to place your order. The yearbook is being created by a student group this year, lead by second grade teacher Nina Orwoll. I am sure many of you look at your own elementary yearbooks (or is that just me?), so don't miss the opportunity to have your students reflect over this past year and their days at Peter Kirk. 

Mark your Calendars: PTSA General Membership Meeting (November 9th)

We look forward to seeing you at 7:00pm in the Peter Kirk Elementary Library for our next PTSA General Connection Meeting. Our agenda includes a brief PTSA business update followed by a Parent Education topic. This months education topic is "Letting Your Child Fail". We will end the evening with fun social time in downtown Kirkland. All parents are welcome! 

News from LWSD - Remember to Vote: November 7th

November 7th is election day! Remember to vote. Ballot drop box locations can be found on the King County Election website. You can also find more information about the November 2017 General and Special Elections HERE



Stay Informed: Sync the District Calendar to Your Calendar  

Our calendar rules our lives.  If an event is not on our calendar, the event doesn't exist for our family. So syncing the Peter Kirk Elementary calendar into my Outlook (or Google) calendar is crucial for us to stay informed. 

Sync yours today! Go to the online tandem calendar. Click "Subscribe".  Sign in with the account (Outlook, Gmail) where you want the PK events to show up.  Now, just follow the instructions! Voila! All of the school's events are now integrated into your calendar.


Forgot that Parent's Phone Number...look it up in MySchoolAnywhere!

Every day it feels like my daughter asks for a play date with a new friend she met in school. Did I say ask? I meant BEG. I rarely have an opportunity to ask for the friend's parent's phone number or email to coordinate said play date. 

But now I don't have to ask the parent while herding my children to or from school. I can look them up in MySchoolAnywhere! It is awesome! I can search by grade, by class, or by last name. Check it out today!

Don't remember your password - don't worry! Just select "Forgot My Password". You will have a new one in a snap of your fingers. 

Reach out if you have questions



Purified water now in all PK classrooms! 

In Spring of 2016, PK water was tested by the District for lead. A few rooms were shown to have levels that exceeded the EPA limit. Those sources were remediated. However, since no level of lead is safe for children, our PTSA decided to purchase water filters for all classrooms, which were installed over the last week (by rock star parent, Laura Harding. Thank you!). We also arranged for the three portable classrooms to have purified water delivered weekly, thanks to the generosity of Purified Water to Go on 85th Street in Kirkland.

Please send your kids to school with filled water bottles every day, and have them use the filtered water at school to refill their bottles. Questions? Contact Stephanie Lecovin.

Scholastic Book Fair 



The Scholastic Book Fair was a hit!  Nearly $11,000 worth of books were purchased and are now in the hands of Peter Kirk students. Already the teacher's and school library benefited with over $2,000 worth of books! 

Thank you SO much for the volunteers who helped out at the book fair! It could not have been done without everyone's helping hands. Thank you to the amazing committee chairs, Wendy Alston, Julie Barnett, and Kim Lloyd. Thanks also to all of you who came and worked throughout the Fair: Margo Wei, Mindy Platte, Shawn Nandi, Kristyna Connop, Kat Rafter, Megan Smiley, Jasmine Vuong, Jessica Conver, Kirsten Guerrettaz, Amy Martin, Melissa Stone, Caitlin Holmes, Brandi Erbstoeszer, Phoebe Chan, Sonja Kellen, and Jonnel Bowser.

We are always looking for ways to improve this event. Please take five minutes to give us your feedback. Thank you!



Sylvan Learning Centers offering New Member Discounts

Conferences are completed! Areas of strength have been identified and maybe some areas to work on and grow. In the spirit of helping students to grow, Washington State PTA partnered with Sylvan Learning Centers to offer our families a discount. After the initial assessment, Washington State PTSA families will receive a 15% hourly tuition discount off their core programs, tutoring ,etc. This is a new membership benefit this year! Learn More.



We Need You! We are looking for individuals to chair a few committees.

  • New Science Night Committee Chair: Are you interested in science?  Do you want your child to be fascinated with science and see it as fun?  What better way than to organize our upcoming Science Night this Spring!  It is a fun event the entire school looks forward to on the evening of April 19th.  Please contact Margo Wei if you would like more information.
  • Craft-a-holic Committee Chair:  Do you decorate your house for each holiday? Or have more boards pinned than any of your friends? Then please bring your talents to make our school beautiful and keep parents informed. We are looking for a group of parents that would want to decorate the front glass case a time or two.  If this sounds like fun, email Tricia Barendt.
  • Special Needs Liasion: Are you willing to advocate for our special needs community within our school and district? We are looking for a Special Needs Liaison to communicate and connect with caregivers of special needs families, advocate for meaningful inclusion and educate our student body and staff about disabilities. Learn More. If this is your passion, please reach out to Maureen Crabtree.

Check out the event volunteer opportunities coming up!

  • Eagle Marathon (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays through November 17th): Opportunities to help during each of the three recesses cheering on our runners and punching lap cards.
  • Vision and Hearing Screening (Tuesday, November 28th, 9:30am): We are looking for 20-25 volunteers to help with our schools vision and hearing screening. 




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