Straightforward, all-inclusive pricing

Select your size to view price.  Faculty are FREE!
$298 yearly
Perfect for preschools and small elementary schools.
$398 yearly
Fits most elementary schools.
$498 yearly
Fits larger elementary and middle schools.
$598 yearly
Fits most high schools.
$798 yearly
Fits larger high schools and K to 12 campuses.


Are there any hidden fees?

None, nada, zilch!  Price includes support, free online classes and importing your data. No fine print, sales transaction fees or gimmicks to entice you to signup and then hike the price the next year. We never sell your information, advertise to or solicit your families.

How does the 60-day free trial work?

We think it's important that you try all the features to make sure that our system is right for you.  Your trial is activated immediately upon registration and open for 60 days.  You don't need to call us or talk to a sales rep (unless you want to!) or give us a credit card. All the features are active during the trial with the exception of sending email blasts to groups.

We also encourage you to take advantage of our free classes. They are open to all and will help you hit the ground running.

Does the trial become our active account if we buy?

Yes.  When you purchase, we will activate your trial account.  All the data you've entered will remain.

If I run out of time can you extend the 60-day trial?

Of course!  Just contact us and we will gladly extend your trial.

What type of payment do you accept?

We understand that most parent associations don't have credit cards.  That's why we gladly accept checks as well.
When you purchase, you will receive an invoice that can be paid online or printed and mailed in with a check.  We'll activate your trial upon purchase.

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"I am a database programmer, so I appreciate the thought put into the product and the skill behind the programming. But I am really impressed with the support and customer service! When I have had a question or an import request the attention my query received was prompt and complete. This level of service is what makes this software really shine."
Tamera, Wyoming City Schools