Engaging More Parents, Faster

Isn't that what it's all about?

Don't you wish updating directory information, volunteering and making donations was so fast & easy that parents did it with pleasure (and you didn't have to ask a gazillion times)?

Your wish is granted! MySchoolAnywhere is the best cloud based PTO / PTA Management System, built with busy school parents in mind.

Built BY parents FOR parents!

A lot of software is built from an administrator's view with the parents just an afterthought. We've learned from years of experience, with thousands of schools, that if your parents have to go through too many hoops to donate money, update their directory information or volunteer then guess what, they won't!

MySchoolAnywhere focuses on your most important "customer": busy school parents and parent volunteers. But don't worry, our admin features are great too!

With MySchoolAnywhere you'll have:

  • An up-to-date student directory maintained by the parents
  • Integrated web store with clear visibility into all your membership & donations
  • Email Communication with 99.6% delivery
  • More volunteers than just the "usual suspects"
  • Less Volunteer Burnout

Don't just take our word for it.

Learn why thousands of parent groups trust our service and support.

"Over 92% of our families pay membership through the shopping cart, eliminating the need to collect and process checks.  80% of our families confirmed their listing by the first week of school and we have published the online student directory 3 months faster."
Julie - Dwight Elementary

"Thanks for the prompt response! Any time I need help, you all do a fantastic job & resolve or answer my questions very quickly...much appreciated. We love MSA! :)."
Sara - Pelham Middle School

"You guys rock!"
Monica - Pine Shadows Elementary

"All of the customer service has been great so far! Quick to respond and helpful!"
Lisa - Sierra Elementary

"Thank you for your continued quick and efficient service! Much appreciated!"
Paule - Scenic Heights

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