The Easiest Way for Parents to Participate in Your PTO

Our PTO Management Software and exclusive data confirmation process guarantees your busy parents are one tap away from updating their contact information, volunteering and giving you money.

You'll have more of this:

  • happy, connected parents
  • up-to-date directory maintained by parents
  • clear visibility of membership & donations
  • integrated communication, sales and signups

Instead of this:

  • messy paper forms and missing checks
  • disengaged and uninformed parents
  • declining membership
  • volunteer burnout

Trusted by Parent Associations Nationwide

In the last year, our growing community has ...

15 million email 

9 million in membership and donations

Connected over
500,000 families

Counted on
28,000 volunteers

Family data collection has never been EASIER.

How much easier would your life be if parents actually responded?   
We’ve built online forms your parents will actually use!  Once they're in your account, our click & confirm system sends them an email reminder to confirm and update every year so their data is always current.  No more nagging emails or lost notes in backpacks.   Already have data you want to use?  Import and get up and running in a matter of days.

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all devices

Information available anywhere you need it.

You’ll have the best-in-class interactive school directory. 
Families love our directory app to stay in contact with others throughout the school year.  It’s super handy for class parties, arranging carpools and when you're on the go.  Print it out or access it on your computer, tablet or phone:  click-to-call, click-to-text and "Map It" are all built in.  Additionally, the entire application is built using responsive design so yes, you can work from your iPad at the beach!

Reaching your school community is seamless.

Target your audience and end communication overload. 
Combine contact lists that are always up to date with our excellent email delivery reputation and you have an amazingly effective way to reach everyone.  Target your messages with pre-built lists by school, grade and class, members and non-members, volunteers and much more.  Customize your email with graphics and links.  

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all hands on deck

You’ll get more volunteers than just the “usual suspects”. 

Increase volunteer participation when you reach everyone.
Most groups rely on the same small group of loyal volunteers.  The truth is, many parents don't volunteer because they just aren’t aware of what needs doing.  Our signup builder helps you manage your events and activities throughout the school year and gives parents a simple and easy way to signup.

You’ll have streamlined sales tracking for memberships, donations and more.

Manage your online and offline sales with our totally integrated store.
Our “smart cart” tracks purchases for membership, donations, spirit wear and more and is fully integrated with Paypal.  Know who bought what and who gets credit, whether it is donations, membership or spirit wear.  Manage sales, inventory and distribution with handy reports and exports.

online store

You can trust that our system is secure.

To ensure that all your data is safe in the cloud, we use state of the art security including SSL, password encryption and 24 hour secured server monitoring.  To eliminate the risk of losing data, we use 3 levels of backup: real-time, 8 hour delay and nightly.  In addition, our data collection and confirmation system ensures that your school is always in compliance with student privacy regulations like FERPA.

You'll wish every company had service like ours!

MySchoolAnywhere was created by parents, for parents and we’ve been in your shoes. 
In fact, we use the software daily at our children's school.  We provide free online classes, a complete library of how-to articles, video tours and email support from real (happy) people genuinely interested in seeing you succeed.  And, we're continually improving our system to meet the needs of our customers.  Got a new feature idea?  Let us know.

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We've helped thousands of schools make more money in less time with less volunteers.  
How can we help you improve your PTA?

nice lady

"Our school started using MySchoolAnywhere for our PTA directory a couple of years ago.  It has been a huge success. We've combined the membership and directory to one position.   Over 92% of our families pay membership through the shopping cart, eliminating  the need to collect and process checks.  80% of our families confirmed their listing by the first week of school and we have published the online directory 3 months faster than the old printed version."

Julie, Dwight Elementary