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All parent groups run into the same problems: volunteers with NEVER enough time and busy working parents on the run and challenging to reach. 

The good news? MyschoolAnywhere is chock full of mobile features to keep parents connected, volunteers on task and your fundraising drives successful.

  • Updated email lists and student directory the first day of school.
  • Increased membership and donations earlier in the school year (when you need it most!)
  • More volunteers than just the "usual suspects"
  • Less Volunteer Burnout
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Tired of chasing down parents?

Seriously who has the time! Time is a precious commodity for all of us, but especially parents with school age kids. And while you have to chase down your kids once and awhile :) , it's the last thing you want to do when looking for volunteers for the school play.

Yes, you need a system. But not just another site that you HOPE parents will log in to. You already know these don't work.

You need a system that makes it drop-dead easy for parents to give you money, volunteer and stay connected.


Parents will Confirm and Donate in ONE CLICK

If parents have to go through too many hoops (or login) to update their directory information then guess what, they won't. Our exclusive confirmation feature gives parents a private, secure link to confirm and update every year. 

"80% of our families confirmed their listing by the first week of school and we have published the online student directory 3 months faster than our old system." Julie - Dwight Elementary

increase membership

You'll get Increased Membership and Donations

Collecting membership and donations has NEVER been easier. During confirmation, or anytime, send parents directly to your store with our exclusive "one click" store link. You'll see increased membership and donations earlier in the school year, when the money is needed most. Read one school's story here.

"With MySchoolAnywhere we have increased membership as well as donations and collections
in every event we have had so far!" Diane - Homestead High

improved communication

You'll get improved Communication

Couple contact lists that are always up to date with our excellent email delivery reputation and you have an amazingly effective way to reach everyone.  Target your messages with pre-built lists by school, grade and class, members and non-members, volunteers and much more.  Customize your email with graphics and links.

"What a great tool! It has really helped us improve communication with parents this year!"
Grace - Warren Jackson Elementary

happy volunteers

You'll get more volunteers than the "usual suspects"

Most groups rely on the same small group of loyal volunteers.  The truth is, many parents don't volunteer because they just aren’t aware of what needs doing.  Our signup builder helps you manage your events and activities throughout the school year and gives parents a simple and easy way to signup. And you'll get all the statistics you need about parent participation. At a glance, you'll see who's a member, who's donated and who's volunteered (and the tools to easily follow-up with who hasn't).

"Parents LOVE the directory and now volunteers don't mind it because you
have made it easier than making brownies for a bake sale!" Marnie - Southborough

Why you'll love MySchoolAnywhere

Easy Setup

Step by step guides get you up and running fast. Import data or have parents register themselves.

Back to School Automation

Built-in graduation and promotion features keep your system refreshed and ready for the new school year.

Additional Administrators

Add as many additional administrators you want, all free of charge.

Excellent Service

You don't have to go it alone: free live classes, email support, video library and complete admin guides.

Grows with you

Start with our powerful directory features and add the store and signups as your team comes onboard.


Customize all your forms, email, web portal and mobile app with our powerful editor.

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650,000 parents